About Flo Parfitt

Flo Parfitt, AuthorFlo Parfitt is a native of Wisconsin, living in the Green Bay area.  She has been a lifelong student and a lifelong writer. Through most of her life, her writings were for personal pleasure.  She has published articles in magazines and trade journals, newsletters and commercial ads.

Her early years were that of a wife and mother of one, a business manager, a political activist, a humanitarian, and a traveler.  She stored up all of those emotions and experiences and saved the best for last. She has published her first novel, “Sara’s Sacrifice” which was released in October 2019. Her second novel in this trilogy is “Ella Endures” which will be available in fall 2020.

Since the feminist movement of the 70’s, Ms Parfitt has championed women’s rights as well as those of children and minorities.  She has spent a great deal of time through the years defending and uplifting the lives of abused and neglected children who face various kinds of challenges and has forged life-long relationships with several of them. She served 10 years as a CASA volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate).

Her deep faith in God and her and her ability to connect on every level with people of various walks of life, has been a God given blessing she has embraced.  She has always believed that each of us is blessed with talents and time. Our purpose in life is to answer His call and use the gifts to serve God and our fellow man.  She is bringing her talents to the world through her writing.

Come on a journey with Flo and live in eras which should never be forgotten and a life that teaches us lessons on many levels.