How many books are in the series?

The series is a trilogy.  It is called “Daughters of Evolution.” It is the story of the evolution of women from a day when they had no voice and were the property of their fathers and eventually their husbands through the current date where women still are fighting for justice and equality.  Women have come a long way but there is still work to be done.  The first book Sara’s Sacrifice” begins the journey with the suffragette fight for the vote and having their voice heard. Book two in the series, “Ella Endures” depicts the struggles and perseverance of women as they navigate the Greatest Generation.  It was a time where women found it necessary to move in to men’s roles particularly as men went to war.  “Melissa’s March” takes us back to the suffragette time when women rallied for their cause. This time it was for justice and equality. The characters are generations of daughters whose status evolved as they let their voices be heard and made history.

“Sara’s Sacrifice” is available in bookstores now in paperback and hardcopy.  “Ella Endures” is in the publishers hands and will be released later in 2020.  “Melissa’s March” is just beginning and will likely not be available until 2021.

Sara is a huge Success

Sara’s Sacrifice was released in October and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I don’t have a book sale count but I know it exceeded 200.

For a new author, this is phenomenal since I have not actually started my marketing campaign. Watch out 2020.  Watching the websites both of these outlets sold out several times.  Now is the fun part.  I am starting to get feedback from those who have read the book.  It is everything I had hoped for.  Most have commented that they can’t wait for the second book in the series “Ella Endures”.

Sara’s Sacrifice as an eBook?

I have been asked by several people if the book will be available as an e-book.  It is my hope that it will be although hard and soft cover will be available first.  E-books are the trend and I certainly don’t want to miss out on the techno geeks out there who want to see it on Nook or Kindle.  I too am among the technology fans.

Why Do I Write Historic Fiction?

I greatly disliked history in school. It all seemed to be about men and Men’s wars. I hated learning all those seemingly unnecessary dates. It just could not hold my interest.

I loved to travel and every place I went had history. I started visiting places like Mount Vernon, Washington DC, Holocaust Museums, Underground Railroad museums and a myriad of other historic sites. Each place seemed more interesting than the last. I wasn’t hearing just about wars and dates but real people and their struggles. We read about men in history but now I saw women’s role in those events and how it affected their lives and their children. Those plastic men in history books became real with emotions, passions and family. Then I started thinking about all the other people not known in our history books but who were greatly affected by events in history. I thought particularly about women and what the sacrificed.

What about Anna who grew up in the ghetto and Abigail who grew privileged and Mary who grew up on Elm Street USA. They played a part in history. They sacrificed. They were all effected by events of their day. What about our young women who went to battle in Afghanistan and lost their lives. They are hero’s too. Those are our unnamed heroes who sacrificed all. They have no face, they have no voice. I want to give them that voice.

Why Do I Write?

I write historical fiction with a feminine emphasis. I have always loved writing and I have always had an interest in feminine issues, history not so much.

From childhood I wrote stories, poems, newsletters and essays. I enjoyed doing research. Whenever a teacher said “I want you to write a paper on…..” Everyone groaned except me. It was my favorite thing to do. My biggest project in high school was a 24 page essay on the effects of radiation on the human body. I attended Neenah High School. This school was notorious for assigning “term papers”. Papers were assigned in every class. I recall writing about Salvador Dali in art class, Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation in history, Einstein in math and the Constitution in civics. Papers all due at the same time. I skipped a day of school to go to the library the day before due date. I hated the deadlines but loved the projects. When asked if I participated in Senior skip day, (typically a day when everyone plays hooky to party) I say yes. But I skipped to do research.

When I entered the business world, I wrote Personnel manuals, Policy and Procedures manuals, put together the materials for programs on harassment and discrimination. I had articles printed in various trade journals including ‘The Word”, for Integrated Office Technologies Assoc, The Wisconsin Bar Journal and Callaghan’s Law Office Economics & Management. I also wrote for fun but then the rejection letters came. I told myself “Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe this piece is faulty.” No one told me that even the likes of James Patterson and JK Rowling got a good number of rejection letters. , I didn’t give up writing, I gave up submitting what I wrote.

So, when asked why I write, I respond, “Because I can”, “Because I have something important to say.” “Because it’s in my blood.” Now I look forward to rejections but not nearly as much as I do to a request for more. I hope you enjoy the passion, the information and the dedication that goes into each publication. Follow me on the journey.

Sara’s Sacrifice is in the Editor’s Hands

There is a chill in the air and winter is looming. Sara’s Sacrifice is in the editor’s hands and I am getting very anxious for publication. I should be seeing the cover soon and I will be sharing it with you. Right now it looks like publication release will be inSeptember. Of course, I won’t be disappointed if it is early. Many of you are waiting patiently. Hang in there. I am as anxious as you to see this in print.