Trilogy in Progress

Sara’s Sacrifice (released October 2019 2019)

It is the beginning of the 20th century and Sara Dewberry, a wealthy wife of Henry and mother of four (Thaddeus, Ella, Elizabeth and Adam) and a possible fifth on the way has become interested in the suffragette movement.  Her husband is vehemently opposed to the movement and so the deceit began as Sara entered the underground movement of the suffragettes.

Ella Endures   (Second book in Trilogy)

Ella is Sara Dewberry’s oldest daughter. Ella is married to Dr. John Ellington. In this story you will hear the struggles of a young mother who faced adversity of her own and her struggles to survive. Once again the strength and perseverance that made women what they are today is brought to light in an emotional and heart wrenching tale as Ella Endures.

Melissa’s  March (Third book of trilogy)

Melissa, a woman of the 70’s, a feminist who in the tradition of strong women who went before her, marched to find equal rights for women who still had a long road to go for equality. Melissa’s tale has not yet been fully developed and more will be learned about her in the future. The Me-Too movement revitalizes the move to find justice for women. Melissa provides the foundation and her daughter Victoria takes up the mantle for justice. The fight continues. Where? To the White house?