How many books are in the series?

The series is a trilogy.  It is called “Daughters of Evolution.” It is the story of the evolution of women from a day when they had no voice and were the property of their fathers and eventually their husbands through the current date where women still are fighting for justice and equality.  Women have come a long way but there is still work to be done.  The first book Sara’s Sacrifice” begins the journey with the suffragette fight for the vote and having their voice heard. Book two in the series, “Ella Endures” depicts the struggles and perseverance of women as they navigate the Greatest Generation.  It was a time where women found it necessary to move in to men’s roles particularly as men went to war.  “Melissa’s March” takes us back to the suffragette time when women rallied for their cause. This time it was for justice and equality. The characters are generations of daughters whose status evolved as they let their voices be heard and made history.

“Sara’s Sacrifice” is available in bookstores now in paperback and hardcopy.  “Ella Endures” is in the publishers hands and will be released later in 2020.  “Melissa’s March” is just beginning and will likely not be available until 2021.

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