Sara’s Sacrifice

Sara’s Sacrifice

Sara’s Sacrifice  (released October 2019)

It is the beginning of the 20th century and Sara Dewberry, a wealthy wife of Henry and mother of four (Thaddeus, Ella, Elizabeth and Adam) and a possible fifth on the way has become interested in the suffragette movement. Her husband is vehemently opposed to the movement and so the deceit began as Sara entered the underground movement of the suffragettes.

After a series of tragic events, Sara attends a rally in Chicago where she is jailed. Her secret is out and her irate husband banishes her from her home and her children. He legally has a right to do so since only the husband owns property and in fact owns his wife and children.

Sara realizes the only way to stop the insanity is to change the world and that is precisely what she sets out to do with her friend Tillie Morgenson, wife of the late Senator Morgenson. They travel together from Milwaukee to the streets of NYC. From the halls of justice in Washington DC to the deep south where they experience first-hand the plight of black women in the South. They endure adversity and disease, they lobby politicians, influence preachers, they join militants, encounter hostility and campaigned diligently to recruit more women and somehow change the world.

The story is filled with raw emotion and graphic details. It covers the gamut of politics and religion, comedy and tragedy, life and death. It is an edgy story of one woman’s journey and her sacrifices for herself, her girls and all women in this Nation.  The story is fast paced and hard to put down.  It is a story all women should read(and men too). It is because of women like Sara that women enjoy the rights they have today.