Why Do I Write Historic Fiction?

I greatly disliked history in school. It all seemed to be about men and Men’s wars. I hated learning all those seemingly unnecessary dates. It just could not hold my interest.

I loved to travel and every place I went had history. I started visiting places like Mount Vernon, Washington DC, Holocaust Museums, Underground Railroad museums and a myriad of other historic sites. Each place seemed more interesting than the last. I wasn’t hearing just about wars and dates but real people and their struggles. We read about men in history but now I saw women’s role in those events and how it affected their lives and their children. Those plastic men in history books became real with emotions, passions and family. Then I started thinking about all the other people not known in our history books but who were greatly affected by events in history. I thought particularly about women and what the sacrificed.

What about Anna who grew up in the ghetto and Abigail who grew privileged and Mary who grew up on Elm Street USA. They played a part in history. They sacrificed. They were all effected by events of their day. What about our young women who went to battle in Afghanistan and lost their lives. They are hero’s too. Those are our unnamed heroes who sacrificed all. They have no face, they have no voice. I want to give them that voice.

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