Why Do I Write?

I write historical fiction with a feminine emphasis. I have always loved writing and I have always had an interest in feminine issues, history not so much.

From childhood I wrote stories, poems, newsletters and essays. I enjoyed doing research. Whenever a teacher said “I want you to write a paper on…..” Everyone groaned except me. It was my favorite thing to do. My biggest project in high school was a 24 page essay on the effects of radiation on the human body. I attended Neenah High School. This school was notorious for assigning “term papers”. Papers were assigned in every class. I recall writing about Salvador Dali in art class, Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation in history, Einstein in math and the Constitution in civics. Papers all due at the same time. I skipped a day of school to go to the library the day before due date. I hated the deadlines but loved the projects. When asked if I participated in Senior skip day, (typically a day when everyone plays hooky to party) I say yes. But I skipped to do research.

When I entered the business world, I wrote Personnel manuals, Policy and Procedures manuals, put together the materials for programs on harassment and discrimination. I had articles printed in various trade journals including ‘The Word”, for Integrated Office Technologies Assoc, The Wisconsin Bar Journal and Callaghan’s Law Office Economics & Management. I also wrote for fun but then the rejection letters came. I told myself “Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe this piece is faulty.” No one told me that even the likes of James Patterson and JK Rowling got a good number of rejection letters. , I didn’t give up writing, I gave up submitting what I wrote.

So, when asked why I write, I respond, “Because I can”, “Because I have something important to say.” “Because it’s in my blood.” Now I look forward to rejections but not nearly as much as I do to a request for more. I hope you enjoy the passion, the information and the dedication that goes into each publication. Follow me on the journey.

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